paleo HEBREW

 Explore the oldest Bible language --- very different from English or koine Greek.



Come read the New Testament with us in the language it was early written & spoken.

We use an interlinear format read while exploring word roots & definitions, grammar and pronounciations.

There are 24 letters in the Greek alphabet; 7 vowel combinations called dipthongs, more than 7 double-consonant sounds, and breath marks that sound something like an h.

Greek is an inflected language. This means that the endings of words change to fit how they are used, and with their more exact meaning or application. Each root word (without its inflection suffix) is called a stem. Examining the word stems and endings is called declension.

Currently, we are beginning open translation of text fragments. Our study framework uses a review cycle, so that anyone can begin with us at any time.

Exploring Koine (common) Greek becomes like adding a third dimension with our understanding of New Testament text. Alongside the willingness of the Spirit of God to open His Word to our hearts and minds, the overall experience & growth is well-shared.

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Here are some of the words we have encountered:
αμνο - lamb
αναβαινο - to ascend; climb; go up
ανοιξιφ - to open the mouth/throat
αντοφ - opposite to
αρχη - beginning
αυτοφ - "a curious, baffling wind" he, she, his, her, them (personal pronoun, self)
ανθρωπω - man
βασιλεια - foundation/place of royalty and rule; kingdom; realm
γε - arable land; the earth; a country
δε - but, and, moreover, now [often unexpressed in English]
διδαιοσυνη - equity forming innocence; justification; righteousness
διδασκο - to learn; to teach
διψοφ - to thirst
ειφ - to; into. Having reached a place, time or purpose.
ελειω - tender compassion; mercy
εν - in
εστιν, ειμι - he is/she is/they are
θεο - god
θησαυροφ - to lay up, accumulate by deposit; keep together; treasure
θυροφ - door
ιδου - see, look, behold
ινα - that
Ίησουφ - Jesus
και - and-also, and-with. [joining or cumulative]
καρδια - heart; thoughts; feelings; middle
κατελαβεν - overtake
καθαροφ - clean; clear; pure
καθιζο - to sit down; settle-in; tarry
κλερονομεο - obtain by inheritance
Ίωαννη - John
λεγο - "lay forth" Relate by words through discourse or in a systematic way.
λογο - word
μαθετεφ - a learner; disciple; pupil
μακαριοφ - "beautified". Supremely blessed; well off; counted happy
μαρτυριαν - witness
Νικοδεμοφ - Nicodemus
ονομα - name
οροφ - a rise above the plain. hill; mountain
οτι - because, for, in that, how that
ουδε - not
ουρανοφ - an elevated place; the sky; the heavens. (from οροφ)
οχλοφ - a throng carried along; a multitude
παντα - all things
παρα - from; near; beside, alongside
παρακαλεω - to call near; invite; comfort; console; admonish; strengthen
πειναο - to pine; toil against hunger; crave
πενθεω - to feel grief; to mourn; to wail
πνευμα - wind or breeze; blast of breath; spirit/soul; life; disposition
πραιοφ - gentle; humble; meek
προσερχομαι - come/go forward. to approach; come near; visit; worship
πτωχευω - to become a beggar; to find oneself at need
ραββι - Rabbi
σου - thine; your own
του - of this person
το - the, this, that, one, he, she, it (definite article: ο,οι,η,τηϖ,τω,των …)
Φαρισαιων - Pharisees
φω - light
χορταζω - to fodder; supply food in abundance; feed; fill; satisfy
ζωη - life