ScriptureText search tool
for Windows 95, 98, 98SE/ME, 2000, XP, VISTA

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ScriptureText is a software search tool for early Church documents, for use with the Windows platform.

This application, including a number documents and Bible Translations, is available for download at no charge (free).

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PLEASE NOTE: There is no warrantee actual or implied with this software and/or related files. Download & use at your own risk.


click here Download ScriptureText to Download ScriptureText Installer.
{to install the application & libraries; includes an Uninstaller}

click here Download ScriptureText to Download ScriptureText ZIP file.
{to manually set up the application & libraries}

  Do all to the glory of God.  I Corinthians 10:31

current version 2.03 library includes:

   notification by e-mail when a ScriptureText upgrade is available:



    Q & A

  • How do I install/uninstall ScriptureText?

  • DOWNLOAD (RUN) THE INSTALLATION FILE: Download and Run/Launch the SetupScriptureText file There is an uninstall option included with ScriptureText installer package.
    IF YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO DOWNLOAD THE ZIP File: UnZIP the ScriptureText ZIP file after download is complete, placing the ScriptureText folder into a folder of your preference …this is typically C:\Program Files\ . Run (launch) the ScriptureText.exe file inside the ScriptureText folder to open this application. A shortcut for ScriptureText can be created for the ScriptureText.exe file (inside the ScriptureText folder), and placed on the Windows desktop, into a program group, and/or in the Quicklaunch area.

  • There are many Bible search tools available… Why was ScriptureText developed?

  • ScriptureText combines simplicity with a somewhat unique approach to searching ancient texts. But, if you're looking for super-speedy searches, ScriptureText may not be for you.

  • Not all these texts are regarded as canon… orthodox… reliable…

  • Yes. ScriptureText is a library/reference tool.

  • How do I use the Greek?

  • select Greek New Testament, and just below, enter a greek word, part of a word, or greek phrase in lower case letters. Greek ScriptureText searches are performed without regard to accent marks. Go to a particular verse by entering the Reference in Upper-lower case (Title case) format. A Greek keyboard map is provided to help with knowing the assignment of English alphabet keys to koine Greek characters.

  • Technical support available?

  • you may write with questions, remarks, suggestions.

  • After I type the words or phrase I'm looking for, then what?

  • press the keyboard Enter key, or left-click the small open book button at top-right, to begin searching/finding.

  • What is the search order?

  • New Testament texts; Old Testament texts; Patristic (older to newer); Apocryphal. Each of the 4 libraries may be individually exempted from a search.

  • What happens when I click on the CEPHER logo?

  • Clicking on the CEPHER logo will display the ScriptureText KEY helps, and will re-set for using all 4 libraries during search.

  • Does the software "call home"?

  • No. ScriptureText has no internet protocol accessing, and no spyware.

  • What format is used for the document files?

  • Text, with limited chapter & verse formatting.

  • Can additional text files be brought into the ScriptureText search library folders?

  • Yes, for the APOCRYPHAL and the PATRISTIC folders. Please examine the formatting of ScriptureText library files, and adjust those files you would add accordingly (failure to do this may slow or crash search functions.) If your additional text files are large, write us, as we may be able to assist.

    revision/update information:
NOTE: several bugs have been reported; a number of enhancements have been suggested…
2010 update of ScriptureText is coming soon.

v 1.07
19.3MB zip
 {initial availability}
v 1.17
19.5MB zip
- John of Damascus (4) added to Patristic library
- Patristic library King James English revised
- 2 display bugs fixed
- translation selection UI, minor change
v 1.18
19.5MB zip
- crash-on-no-find bug fix
- minor library fixes
v 1.21
19.5MB zip
- added search find counter
- more bug fixes
v 1.23
19.5MB zip
- added Polycrates fragment to Patristic library
- "fullness" spelling corrected
- minor library improvements
- minor bug fix for grayed checkbox
v 1.25
19.5MB zip
- added 14 creeds, canons and anathemas to Patristic library
v 1.26
21MB zip
- added translation document KJVT-P to library.
v 1.26
23.8MB exe
- added 3rd-party installer program option.
v 1.26
23.8MB exe
- added 5 books to the Apocryphal library
- added fonts to the installer program.
v 2.01
26MB exe
- added Greek text & Latin Vulgate to library
-integrated KJVT-P
-significant revision and update of software.
v 2.03
26MB exe
- added ignore breaks search option
- Vista OS compatibility improvements