Follow church back to earlier times, dropping worthless things as you go.

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 21st century 

  • ...

 20th century 

  • serial monogamy refused
    "a woman is joined to her husband for as long as he lives"

 19th century 

  • neo-pentecostalism missing
  • conversion theology absent
    "Salvation Prayer" goes away

 18th century 

  • modernism absent
  • income tithe collection vanishes
    churches receiving money from States

 17th century 

  • revivalism absent
  • thoughts of a national "just war" now estranged
    "kings & rulers are appointed by God"

 16th century 

  • reason no longer elevated above divine revelation
  • popular civil authority no longer above the church

 15th century 

  • absent now is Christianity wrapped into colonial expansion
  • monasteries no longer drawing upon secularly interested

 14th century 

  • denominations & sects no longer considered as faithful to Christ
  • Protestantism & Christian Humanism unknown

 13th century 

  • voluntarism (church dependence upon the will of man) fades from view

 12th century 

  • natural philosophy no longer bracketing faith

 11th century 

  • bishops/overseers no longer giving fealty-oath to the king
  • medieval inquisition absent
  • theological argumentation now much lesser
  • no longer appealing to reason as authority over faith

 10th century 

  • practice of plenary indulgence absent
  • no longer calling assembly or communion for memorial of the deceased
  • holy wars/crusades against infidels unknown

 9th century 

  • abbots/monasteries no longer under direction of a pope

 8th century 

  • absence of icons

 7th century 

  • scholasticism no longer primary in the resolution of disagreement

 6th century 

  • practice of penance fades
  • forcible conversion no longer a practice
  • Islam [meaning: submission to God] now absent in the world

 5th century 

  • East-West division disappears
  • ideal of autonomous local church vanishes

 4th century 

  • faith & philosophy no longer betrothed
  • regular preaching no longer administered to saints
  • firm Bible canonization absent

 3rd century 

  • no longer worshiping [bowing to] the idols/wonders of State or society
  • civil legality of Christ-following vanishes
  • dedicated church buildings absent
  • State funding of churches now absent
  • ascetics/monks no longer organized under an abbot
  • strict monogamy fades into monogamy & moderate polygany
  • doctrine no longer enforced
    Nicean fixation with orthodoxy absent

 2nd century 

  • clergy-laity separation absent

 1st century 

  • hierarchical church organization vanishes